How To Use YouTube Invideo Programming

YouTube Invideo programming

How to use YouTube’s New Invideo Programming

Thanks ReelSeo for sharing this new feature in your blog post this morning. I immediately went and had a play and shot this video so other people can start implementing this amazing new YouTube Invideo Programming feature on their own channels.

Click here to go and have a play with this new feature on your own YouTube Channel accounts.

There are many strategic ways that you can use these two new features in your business. Below are just a couple.

Please comment below and leave any other ways you can think of how to use these for marketing, branding and cross promotion.

  • Rebranding of old videos
  • Redirection of old content to more up to date content
  • Cross promotion of different channels
  • Product launch promotions
  • Positioning and branding
  • List building and driving traffic back to your website
  • Clever calls to actions [get creative]

You are only limited by your imagination.

As this is so new I am sure there will be some internet marketers who will be coming up with some very highly leveraged strategies on how to maximise this new feature.  My advice is to start using it today as part of your overarching marketing plans for up and coming projects you have in the pipeline.

I will let you know how it impacts my Charity results.  If you want to learn some more great marketing strategies and donate to charity at the same time check out my new book Marketing For SheExperts with 100% of book sales going to breast cancer charity the McGrath Foundation.

Enjoy this new feature! I am off to change all my other channels.

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  1. Pam – you are amazing. You are always the first to tell us of new innovations and your ‘how to’ instructions are the best. Thank you so much.

    1. Thanks Lindsay I always like to share this information early so that my followers can have an advantage over those who are yet to find out about it. Go and have a play with it and start thinking of strategic ways to use it in your business. Thanks for your lovely comments. Have a fab day!