YouTube Custom Thumbnails

YouTube Custom Thumbnail


YouTube Custom Thumbnails

Have you started using YouTube Custom Thumbnails?

By now most people should have the option to upload YouTube Custom Thumbnails to their videos. It is very easy to check.

  • Go into your video manager
  • Click on any video
  • Click on edit
  • Instead of having 3 thumbnails to choose from you should now have 4 thumbnails
  • The last thumbnail should read ‘custom thumbnail’
  • Click on that and grab the YouTube custom thumbnail that you created
  • Click save and you are good to go

If you are not happy with your current custom YouTube thumbnails on your other videos then I would either do it yourself or outsource it to someone on or your VA to change them to be more colourful and engaging.

Why not try James Wedmore strategy and use text in your thumbnails to see if that works for your niche market.

Don’t forget to give a call to action using annotations getting people to take some form of action eg:

  • subscribe to my channel
  • leave a comment
  • share with your friends
  • visit my website for more details
  • opt-in for my free report

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