Your Millionaire Attitude

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Your Millionaire Attitude



People who’ve activated their Millionaire Attitude through Pam’s belief in their ability to Think Bigger!

Roz Fruchtman

“Pam you are a true gift to all who you touch. No matter how successful you become, you do not forget those who may not be in your position. That counts for a great deal with me and I am sure many others. Thank you”. Roz Fruchtman

Carren Smith

“You’re such a breath of fresh air Pam!!! Magic!!” Carren Smith Quantum Leadership Group

Melissa Groom

“Pam I especially loved your book Your Millionaire Attitude and going to SheExperts. I think having a role model like yourself that Australian women can look up to and hang out with at your events and online is a privilege we are all very lucky to have.” Melissa Groom, Empowered Mums

Suzie Cheel

“I value your friendship and your focus is so inspirational. You are a great role model”.  Suzie Cheel

Karen Robertson

“Thanks for everything you teach and share! You’re an inspiration.” Karen Robertson Treasure Kai Books

Lisa Tremolada

“Pam, if it wasn’t for you, I would not be on the road I am now and I would not have the opportunities that have eventuated because of the new path. Wow, how my life has changed. And I’m so grateful for all the great friends I’ve met because of you”.  Lisa Tremolada Maddisons Real Estate

Karen Thomson

“I’ll never forget that moment when you physically sat me on that stool (my pedestal) and showed me exactly how I could grow not only my business but my clients’ businesses in a way that was different to others in my niche…. I know that your generosity and faith in me has increased the value in many more businesses indirectly and will continue to do so for a long time to come… watch this space…!”

Karen Thomson Visionary VA

Nikki Cooper

 “Pam, meeting you has quite frankly changed my world for the better… thanks” Nikki Cooper

Maryanne Karouche

“Two years ago I walked into an event held by Pam Brossman not knowing that my life was about to change. The content she shared changed the direction my life was heading. Today I am not only more educated with online marketing but I have the information and confidence under my belt to implement it all. If you want results and want to stay ahead of your competitor to have the benefit of insightful knowledge of not just online marketing but also in business coaching then she is the women for you.

Her ability to find innovative ideas aimed at improving the performance for any niche, or breaking things down till you completely understand what you are working on has allowed her to assist many entrepreneurs and small businesses boost knowledge and then in turn their profits in a very short period of time. Or more so I believe in her steering ME onto the right track. Pam Brossman has definitely changed my life.” Maryanne Karouche Hair Beauty Glamour