Take Action Tuesday – Unroll Yourself

Take Action Tuesday – Unroll Yourself


The biggest thing that is holding you back and driving you crazy is lack of time  - but mostly time wasted on emails you don’t even want.

In this week’s Take Action Tuesday we are going to eliminate these time wasters from your email box so that you can focus on important tasks like…

  • Increasing your list by 100-500 new subscribers this month
  • Increasing your open rate by 10%
  • Increasing your click through rate by 5%
  • And turning, at a minimum, 5 people on your existing list from a readers into buyers [strategies on how to do this coming shortly]

Are you up for the challenge?

Are you chained to your inbox?

  • Are you getting emails that you know you did not sign up for?
  • Is your inbox overflowing with information that you are not even interested in reading?
  • Would you like to get your time back and focus only on the things that are going to get you results in your business?

It is time for your to check out Unroll.me

Or here are a few other unsubscribe software programs you may find useful.



The downside to some of these  tools is that they only support certain email providers like Outlook, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, Google and Gmail accounts. So if you do not use any of these providers for your emails, you may still have to do it manually, as they continue to add new services.

I don’t know about you but no matter what I seemed to do, or how many times I unsubscribe from emails, I keep getting more and more unsolicited emails in my inbox. The scary thing is most of them do not even have an unsubscribe button or if they do, they take you to some weird website with fear of a virus for your computer. That is when I said enough is enough.

At the Traffic Conversion Summit last week I was told about this cool new tool that gives you a list of all the websites, newsletters etc that you are subscribed to and allows you to unsubscribe to the ones you do not want al in one go. BRILLIANT!

WARNING – This is an internet marketer’s worst nightmare

You see, the reason these guys have huge lists is because they can buy them, grab them from facebook and other social media sites and skim them from just about anywhere. Now that most opt-ins do not even have double opt-ins any more, your email is pretty much free for all to take these days which is why SPAM is on the rise.

But finally there seems to be a solution to some of this SPAM problem. New tools like this are coming along and stopping these guys from hogging your inbox and sending unsolicited emails to your inbox once and for all.

Why you should not be worried about these new tools….

If you are providing valuable content to your list [which you all should be doing] then your list is NOT going to want to unsubscribe from your database].  So continue to provide your followers content that get’s them some sort of solution, result or movement forward and your email list is safe.

Your Take Action Tuesday Task This Week




Get your time back, unroll yourself from unwanted spam in your inbox so that next week we can focus on growing your list and converting that email list into a highly responsive buyer list.

If you have any questions or know of another tool that can help everyone this week to ‘unroll themselves from SPAM’  in their inbox, please leave details below.

Next Week Take Action Tuesday :  Headlines That Improve Your Email Open Rate!

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  1. I set a task to unsubscribe from a list a day during December and it has made life a lot simpler! Of course, it would have been much quicker with this tool.I also use a lot of filters and rules on gmail and outlook to sort emails which has been a big help.

    Unroll.me wants me to sign into my microsoft account to access my outlook but I don’t have a microsoft account so I haven’t been able to do my Outlook account but I did use unroll.me on my Google account. Thanks for the tip Pam!

    1. I am glad you found it helpful. Unfortunately I use an Australian host for my emails so I was unable to use it but I know many are now using gmail so it should prove useful for them as well. I have some more great tools coming up to boost business in the coming weeks for email marketing so keep your eyes open.

      1. I’m always keen to learn productivity tools. I had already cleaned up my inbox so there were only two subscriptions to unsubscribe from but I will definitely remember this tool for the future…

    1. That is great Jayne. Unfortunately for me they don’t have the email provider I use so it did not work for me as I do not use a gmail account or any of the others. Make sure to watch out for next week as I share more great tools from the Traffic Conversion Summit.