SheConnect Sydney Women’s Networking Event

SheConnect Women’s Networking Event Sydney

Tuesday 28th February 2012

Bather’s Pavilion, Mosman, NSW 2088

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Here are some key reasons that you need to get back out there and put the social back in Social Media Networking.

Women are social creatures, but with approximately 250,000 Australian women now operating a business from home* and doing so alone, many women are turning to social media to connect with other smart, focused female entrepreneurs.  But are they damaging themselves in the long term by missing out on ‘real life’ connections  – something which is fundamental to what it means to be a woman?

Currently  54% of the users of Facebook in Australia are female ** as women seek to network with like-minded other entrepreneurs.

 Local North Shore woman Pam Brossman, CEO and Editor in Chief of international online magazine Social Media Woman, understands the attraction of social media but believes women need more and are limiting their growth if their only ‘social’ outlet is online.

“Like many professional women I’ve tried my share of networking groups and found them all a bit hum-drum to be honest.  It seems that the people who are really up to cool things in their lives and businesses are hanging out on Facebook and don’t have or take the time to get out and share their great progress with other women – they are too busy DOING stuff to take time out to really share and connect,’  Pam explains

 But Pam believes that face to face networking is still very important when it comes to women successfully growing their businesses, especially solo entrepreneurs, but understands that women are looking for  more than a cup of tea and an idle chat.  Her research reveals:

  •  Women want a dynamic network environment that fosters new relationships and ultimately new business opportunities
  • They welcome  opportunities to explore joint ventures with other women as equals who share common goals
  • They want to hear of other people’s struggles (which are often not shared in the public forum of social media) so everyone can learn from other’s mistakes
  • Women want exclusive lunches and dinner parties that encourage them to relax and enjoy themselves while sharing their honest opinions on products and brands.

Pam decided to create an experience for women entrepreneurs who wanted to laugh, learn, leverage and connect while having fun in luxurious locations. So within 2 weeks Pam’s first SheConnect networking event was organized for Feb 28 2012. Pam said “When I come up with a great idea, I don’t muck around”.

SheConnect networking events are for smart women business owners who want to spend quality time with other elite women entrepreneurs learning new strategies, networking and creating joint venture opportunities all while dining in luxurious locations and having fun at the same time.

Bathers Pavilion will be home to the first ever SheConnect event.

To find out more about more about the importance of women entrepreneurs getting connected face to face to grow their businesses to the next level contact Pam Brossman at  SheConnect

02 9960 3080

*[Frederick et al 2007]  ** [].