Selfpublishing on Amazon

Positive Ripple

Let’s start your Positive Ripple today… Everyone has a book waiting to be written… Yes even you! Have you ever read a book that had a profound impact on your life? Helped you get over a personal hurdle or tragedy? Inspired you to get out there and try something new? A ‘how to’ book that taught you a skill or…

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Podcast School

Podcast Fever

The Winner Is: Podcasting for Business This week’s ‘Take Action Tuesday’  is to watch the Free Podcasting video series to learn WHY you want to start implementing a podcasting strategy into your marketing mix this year. Podcast School Free Video Series Why is ‘now’ the right time for adding Podcasting to your business marketing? Like every new online marketing strategy,…

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Final Cover

Happy Boost Cover

I would love some help please Could you please help me choose a cover for my new book. Sometimes when you are too close to it you don’t know what is going to be attractive to the reader and you are exactly my target audience. Who is this book for? This books is for emotionally fatigued career women and entrepreneurs…

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Limitless Possibilities

Happy Place

Getting Back to Your Happy Place This week’s ‘Take Action Tuesday’ is a very personal one and the reason I am sharing my story is that some of you may have lost your ‘Happy Place’ too and may find this helpful. For the last 12 months I have noticed a shift in me personally. Here are some of my symptoms…

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18 mins Book review


That One Thing As part of my own ‘Take Action’ and move forward strategies for my own business I have decided to read one new book every Sunday that will get some sort of positive shift in all areas of my life. Steve came home on Sunday, after 2 days speaking, and purchased this book to read on the plane….

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Cool new webcam

Cool Webcam

Check out this cool new webcam Someone sent me a link to this cool new webcam and when I showed it to Steve we both agreed we have to get one for my laptop. Here is what I like about it and why I think you should check it out. Steve said he thinks you can also get them from…

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Winning cover 2

Sexy and Ageless

  We would love your feedback please Yvonne Cameron is launching her new book in about 4-6 weeks and we are just putting the final touches to her cover and title. Before we send the cover off tot he designer we would love your feedback on the title and cover mock please. Can you leave a comment below as to…

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YouTube Editing Tool

YouTube Editor

How to Use The YouTube Editor  From Video Mastery Training One of the best places to leverage your videos and video marketing is on YouTube but most people think that editing is too complicated so don’t use this amazing search engine tool. Watch the video and see just how easy it is to edit existing or newly uploaded videos using…

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vwith ideo icon

Converting Lead Magnets

Top 5 Lead Magnets for 2014 Watch the video to learn the top 5 Lead Magnets for Your Business Product Funnels plus the #1 thing most people are doing wrong! B-School closes 5th March along with my FREE Bonus Value $4647 Click here to secure your spot or find out more  and don’t forget to send me an email at…

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