Sexy and Ageless

mock covers final2


We would love your feedback please

Yvonne Cameron is launching her new book in about 4-6 weeks and we are just putting the final touches to her cover and title.

Before we send the cover off tot he designer we would love your feedback on the title and cover mock please.

Can you leave a comment below as to which one you like better for the title:

  1. Ageless & Sexy
  2. Sexy & Ageless

Out of the covers below which colour scheme do you prefer please?

mock covers final2 final sample MOCK 4 mock covers final 2
1 2 3 4

So far 3 is winning now the question is which title?

Which Title


About the book

The book is about teaching women how to look after their health and stay looking young, fresh, healthy and sexy in their own skin 35 and upwards.

Seeing as many of you on my list is the perfect target audience Yvonne would love your feedback before her book goes in for design and print.

Thank you so much in advance.  

PS. Any suggestions welcome.

Have a great day.

Cheers Pam
9 Times Amazon Best Selling Author

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  1. I like Sexy and Ageless as a title.
    I’m 32 and single mother of 3. I am proud to say that I embrace my career and my own individuality as a woman. I find this book to be a bold and inspiring act of leadership and I’m very pleased to see role models who are healthy and empowered thoughtout their lives. Thanks for going ahead with this!

  2. My favourite would’ve been no.4, I liked the idea that “Sexy & Ageless” was literally written all over her! :)

    If you choose no.3, I’d also say to soften the blue to compliment her eyes – atm it’s overpowering her eyes & a too harsh contrast, even competing with the pink.

    Definitely Sexy & Ageless!

    Also the name in 2 lines was way too bold & overpowering & not very classy.
    Across the bottom looks a lot (!) nicer :)

    Good luck & happy birthday!
    Marie xo

  3. Ok – I’m 45, so maybe my perspective is a little different.
    I LOVED No 2 – it’s clean and fresh, I actually found the blue a little weighty.
    It makes me think of Jon Gabriel’s book.

    The thing that will grab people’s attention on the shelf is her face – her smile, then as you take in the rest of the info, it backs up the image of her face. Sexy and Ageless, yeah, I’ll have some of that please. I love that her name is at the top of the cover, as it introduces her, then you complete the experience with the title and subline. It’s that last thought that people will carry with them as they head for the checkout and will already be implanting the concept to themselves.

    Which ever way it ends up, it will do well. Yvonne’s face could sell ice to eskimos ;)

    1. Thanks Marina, Yvonne and I are going to go through all the feedback and then send it to the designer :)

  4. No 3 is good with Yvonne’s name across the bottom not tucked into the lower left corner. I think if you are sexy you become ageless, so have the words in this order. Also the aqua is competing with the pink a bit too much, perhaps a softer blue with a touch of grey, to complement her eyes. It’s good to have the subtitle under the main title in this instance.

    1. Thanks so much for your feedback. It has been so helpful because we would have submitted the wrong one. See what happens when you ask for people’s honest feedback you get amazing results.

  5. Hi Pam. I like 3 for the book cover (and also 4 for a poster or ad layout) but definitely “Sexy & Ageless”.

    Happy birthday to Yvonne. She is certainly both!

    I think you have nailed it very well but nice to get confirmation from others.

  6. Sexy and Ageless sounds smoother and more positive to me. Anything “less” is a little harsh and not so positive sounding or feeling. As a woman in her mid to late 50′s I love being sexy – conjures up confidence. Although my preference is #4, #3 does tone down the pink and looks inviting. I want to look inside the book.

    1. Yes, Yvonne and I both like Sexy and Ageless. Jenet I am glad you felt the desire to open the cover that is a very positive sign. I am looking forward to seeing what the designer comes back with.

  7. Hi, Pam

    Before I read any other comments #3 in every respect (clarity, eye-catching, personal) was my clear choice…and I’m glad your other respondents see it that way too.

    “Sexy and Ageless” works in terms of sound and the eye-catching “sexy” needs to come first.

    After sexiness, how one gets older is a predominant, perennial concern. Besides “anti-aging” is an in-thing,
    Perhaps anti-aging (medicine) is only a passing fad, but remaining “ageless” is literally timeless!

    - Rabbi Ed

    1. Great feedback thanks so much for your response as I am getting older I do feel sexier, wiser and healthier in myself and that is what this book is about. Feeling good for yourself rather than anyone else.

  8. I like number 4. Number 3 looks nice, but her name is not the title or subject of the book so it’s too large and distracting. I like the simplicity of the fonts and colors of 4.

    1. Thanks Sarah #3 is turning to be a clear winner I think we just need to play with the fonts to get that winning cover :)

  9. I’d go with #2. I find knock-outs or reverses or whatever term you use to describe white type in a colored field to be difficult to read when the characters are finely-drawn like this. ‘Sexy & Ageless’ is the right word order.

    Bon chance!

    1. Thanks Tom that is very good feedback. At the moment #3 is winning the female vote so I think we are running with that one. It will be interesting to see what the designer comes up with from this feedback.

  10. The Aqua jumped our at me at first and then I also thought it’s a smart move as it’s her health clubs old branding colour which was famous for that health chain.
    Though the text bottom right I feel clashes.

    Yvonne you do look sexy! Boomchickaowowa!

    1. Thanks Annette yes it is a stunning picture. It is actually her birthday today so this is her birthday present to her becoming a Best Selling Author this year

  11. Hi Pam!

    I also like number 3. However, a different font for the name will
    enhance the design, I think.
    For the title, I would prefer either:
    Ageless and Sexy
    Ageless and Attractive.
    All the best!


  12. I like the inclusion of Aqua but don’t like the author font on that choice. I am not sure about the use of the word ageless. I know what you are going for but it feels like a negative phrase to me rather than a positive.

    I just don’t know how many people think I want to be ageless. They think I want to be healthy, vibrant, radiant, happy, full if life, youthful, energetic, free spirited, glowing, passionate, beautiful, wrinkle-free etc. Ageless just to me feels like kind of faceless, without character.

    Just my thoughts Pam.

    1. Great feedback Hayley, I will definitely pass that on, but so far Sexy & Ageless seems to resonate wit a lot of women which is why we used the term Positive Ageing in the sub title. I guess I will have to change the name font I seem to be the only one who likes it.

  13. Hey Pam, number 3 for sure with the additional burst of colour but not the name font too harsh for the the flow. Maybe use the font on the others. I’m also breaking the consensus and think Ageless and Sexy for the title wording flow as everyone wants to be ageless in thier own way and of course if they can with that be sexey then great ;-)

    1. Thanks Rachael, I tried the font on the others but it really did not stand out and for a positioning perspective the author name has to be big for branding books. I will have another play with name fonts or see what the designer comes back with. How was the US?

      1. US was excellent Pam – changed my world opening so many doors. I’m in Sydney in a few weeks will email you guys to see if you are in town would be lovely to catch up on all the happenings.

  14. Ageless and Sexy flows better to me. Also, in my opinion, women are concerned about being ageless. To me, in their minds, the sexy will follow once they get the aging thing taken care of. I also think that sexy is what sexy does….it’s a state of mind. Ageless just seems as if it would make someone stop and look as the lead off word.
    FYI- the #1 category in the cosmetics industry has to do with creams/lotions/serums that lessen the appearance of aging.

    The 3rd option for the book cover is my choice. I instantly know what the book is about. That is a beautiful picture of the author, but it overwhelms the other book cover options, (just my opinion). My second option would be # 2.

    P.S. If you could get the Author’s name on option # 2 to be placed on the option #3 book cover, it would be awesome!

    I wish you great success with the launch!

    1. Thanks Jai, I am going to play with the author font on #3 and then decide whether to change the heading from Ageless & Sexy or keep it the way it is. Fantastic feedback thank you.