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Book  Publishing

“Kindle  Self Publishing” – Writing Books

Have you heard the good news yet? Amazon has just increased the Lending Library funds from $600k per month to $700k per month to celebrate the Lending Library opening up in France and Germany plus Japan.

So what does that mean for you if you have not written your book yet?

  • That you need to put a book marketing strategy into your marketing plan for 2013
  • That you want to benefit from the traffic [highly targeted traffic] hanging out with their credit cards on amazon
  • That there is now very highly excited readers who have just been give access to the free Lending Library for the very first time and are going to be highly excited to download books which means lots more borrows and lots more shares of the monthly fund [I like this part the most]

So basically you are missing out on a chance of a residual income from a global Lending Library that is growing daily because you have not written a book.

This is the easy part that you’ll like even more…

  • You no longer need an agent
  • You n longer need a book distributor
  • These days you can self-publish your own book and distribute it yourself

Don’t miss one of the biggest growing trends online because you think it is too hard to write a book.

I wrote my first book in 8 days and made over $3k just from that one book.

I have just launched my second book raising over $2500 for charity and I have not even put it on Amazon yet!

Now I am helping my 8 yo  son write his first book for pocket money  and I am writing my very first children’s book to get ready for the Christmas Lending Library rush.

Everyone can make a book by self publishing.

Are you going to wait another year to tell your story or share your expertise?

I have just completed the very first Digital Authors Academy helping over 35 people write their first book and it was the most awesome experience of my life. The stories that are coming out of this course are phenomenal. Including ….

  • Curtis Palmer Paralympic story
  • Heather Hampshere’s Sexy Superfoods [includes recipes too]
  • Sarah Leather – Getting Pregnant Easily [this will be popular]
  • Peter Lawson – Innovative Business Cashflow Solutions [helps businesses make more money immediately]
  • Joanna Rushton – Organic Rocket Fuel On a Budget [this one is going to be popular too the inexpensive way to each organic foods]
  • Janne Petrie – How to Sell Your Home Fast
  • So many more books it is really, really exciting!

Now I am about to do it again in Feb 2013

Click on the banner below if you want to watch the video and find out more details.If you would like to join me and get in on the early bird special of $500 off before 30th November then check out the video on

Don’t miss the free video series over the next 4 weeks

I am going to share some of the key strategies to help you get started writing your first book in the next 8 weeks ready to Promote, Position and Package your expertise in 2013!

Keep your eye out for the Digital Diaries in November.

 Please share with someone you know who should or wants to write a book or leave any Melbourne Cup Tips below I need all the help I can get :)

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