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Why it works

The reason that digital self-publishing is so powerful is because it allows you to reach a wider target market, make a difference and leverage your knowledge and expertise like never before.

Imagine being able to share your expertise or story on a platform like Kindle or Create Space and reach millions upon millions of people without having someone else decide whether your knowledge, expertise or story is worth publishing.

Everyone has a story to tell. And self-publishing has now enabled that story to be heard around the world at the click of a button. Your job is to put pen to paper… after that, the rest is easy.

People now want their information at the click of a button and with mobile devices like the Kindle and the iPad; digital books are becoming more popular than ever before.

Plus, with the new Kindle Lending Library, people now have the ability to borrow books, making it a very popular learning and entertaining medium for people to absorb their reading matter.

Can you see the power of being a part of this new global trend, where your target market can access your message immediately at the click of a button? Can you see the endless possibilities for you and your business? Are you getting excited yet?

If not then read on, because now I am going to share with you some of the benefits to you and your business, especially if you are a speaker, trainer, consultant, coach, service provider or someone with an important message wanting to make a difference.

The benefits

There are many benefits to becoming a self-published author, and it really depends on what the purpose is for your book. Below are just some of the reasons most people self-publish a book:

  • Leverage – traffic and lead generation
  • Legacy – share their story and make a difference
  • Positioning – be seen as a leader for their knowledge and expertise
  • Backend funnel -  get people into their business and marketing funnels
  • Income generator – residual income
  • JV / Sponsor – opportunity to open doors into other markets with the same audience

Now let’s go into each one of these in more detail to help you understand which one you think would be the purpose that would benefit you the most for your first or even second book.


Self-published books are a great way for you to drive highly targeted traffic to your website and your business. By including links, calls to actions, free training or free gifts and downloads within your books, you can use the bigger publishing platforms as a marketing tool for your business.

Another great leverage is to provide coupons or if you have more than one book, promote your other books at the back to cross-promote your different business funnels [if you have more than one business, expertise or message, e.g. motivational speaking events and business coaching].

The key to becoming a successful author is first of all marketing and second, your ability to write engaging, helpful and educational content with a lead into where they can find out more. It may even be as simple as posting your website and social media contacts at the beginning of the book as an opportunity to further their relationship with you and drive them into your existing business funnels. Did you notice how I did this at the beginning of this book?

If you want to get some ideas, have a look at the way I have structured this book to learn the many strategies I have used to engage and encourage my readers to come and connect with me on my website as well as my other social platforms.


Legacy has no other purpose usually than the ability to share your story with the world. People write their legacy stories for many reasons, including:

  • To leave something for their children to share their story, memories and experiences for their children’s children as a part of family history.
  • To leave their digital footprint on the world long after they are gone, to be remembered for their impact and place in the world.
  • To share their life experiences, whether they are happy, sad, adventurous or unusual, in the hope that someone will benefit, enjoy or be inspired by those experiences.
  • To make a difference. Some people want to have an impact on the world bigger than them. By sharing their stories of adversity to success or their experiences and knowledge that allowed them to master and accomplish something that others may be wanting to achieve, they are touching other people’s lives. Sometimes this can be the sole driving purpose that inspires them to tell their story.
  • Cathartic reasons as a release, to be able to let it go and move on. Sometimes writing down your experiences that you have been holding inside for a very long time can be the catalyst you need to let the past go and start moving forward.

 Grab your copy of the book to  read the rest of this chapter and find out how you can leverage book marketing in your business!


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