Prezi Presentations

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Prezi Presentation Tool

This is a fantastic tool for creating story telling presentations.

Key ways to use Prezi for your business

  • You can screen capture your Prezi and create story telling videos
  • You can add music and just use words and images to tell your story
  • You can create on Prezi and then download as a presentation
  • You can use it for marketing eg before and after or product reviews
  • Great for testimonials too

You are only limited by your imagination.

If you would like me to post the ‘how to’ create a Prezi video tutorial then click on the like button and leave a comment. If I get more than 30  likes and comments then I will add the tutorial for you from my paid training course for Free.

If you want to go and have a play  yourself you can check it out at




  1. I’d love to know a little more about how to make a Prezi video Pam – and thanks for sharing your learnings about it so far! I’m always keen to find out some new ways to make videos a bit more engaging, especially knowing that Google/YouTube are rewarding longer watching times.
    Hope you get enough comments to do the video on Thursday :-)

  2. Wow! Thanks Pam for introducing us to Prezi. It looks like an amazing business tool. I’d be interested to give it a try and put something together for my clients. Thank you for sharing!
    Karinda Smith
    Health & Lifestyle Coach