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Is this the new Amazon Marketing Tool?


I have to say I have not been this excited about a medium in a long while. Why you may ask?  Podcasting is nothing new. In fact I started podcasting about 2.5 years ago when I had Social Media Woman. Back then I found it a pain in the butt with hardly any benefit so I gave it a miss.

When the market is ready the medium will come…

I have seen many times over the last 4 years new mediums come onto the market and not take off immediately.  What I have also seen is those who are at the forefront of a medium whent he tide suddently turns get HUGE benefit from  being in the right place at the right time. Just like when I started pageflip marketing 4 years ago, then YouTube marketing, Pinterest and now iTunes.

Here is what I learned on the webinar that made me grab this course immediately….

  • It is the closest to having a one to one conversation next to video
  • Itunes will market your brand new podcast for 8 weeks on their home page for your category in front of its 500 million subscribers [what other medium does that]
  • It is the #1 medium getting the most highly targeted  traffic to blogs  and websites online at the moment
  • It is being used to market, position, promote and sell products and affiliated products by numerous marketers successfully right now
  • There is no gateway to your podcast [no opt-in required] so people do  not feel like they are being sold to, they come because they are interested to learn more from you
  • They have just joined with American radion Sticher allowing podcasts to be played on the radio
  • Business & Education is the #2 most downloaded category outside of commedy
  • You can repurpose existing content like videos, hangouts and websites
  • So easy to set up and outsource, you just have to talk or interview totally up to you. [I plan to do both]
  • You can host both Audio and Video
  • The demographic currently downloading content is aged 13-75 [So there is someone waiting for your content right now]
  • Most importantly, Google loves iTunes and having it linking back to your blog post as well as Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Google Plus and Amazon increases your page and content ranking [consistency and current content is KING at the moment with Google algorythms].

#1 reason I am excited…Positioning and Marketing for myself and my Authors

#2 reason – Kris has put together a private Facebook group where everyone is helping each other with the marketing of their podcasts and learning how to master this together.

I like hanging out with smart people – and getting in on the ground floor of a rising medium  If you want to join us and launch your own podcasting channel for your business, brand and books check out the program http://sheexperts.com/podcastingitunes

Keep your eye out for my first podcast launching shortly. I can’t wait to get started!