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This week’s ‘Take Action Tuesday’  is to watch the Free Podcasting video series to learn WHY you want to start implementing a podcasting strategy into your marketing mix this year.

Podcast School Free Video Series

Why is ‘now’ the right time for adding Podcasting to your business marketing?

Like every new online marketing strategy, it takes time for it to take hold. We all know the story of Pinterest. It had been around for ages, but it was not until the online community was ready that it took off and the rest is history!

Well, podcasting has now reached its time for online consumption. When the market is ready the modality will appear. The last couple of years it was videos, then Kindle books took off allowing people to read on the fly, well now the market is demanding a new modality to fit their busy lifestyles.

Life has just got a lot more hectic over the last 18 months and people are finding it harder and harder to sit down and read or watch anything. What is the #1 thing they can do while multi-tasking at the same time?

They can listen! Listen while exercising, driving to work, at their desktop, anywhere and everywhere.

That is why podcasting is going through the roof. People have not changed their desire for information or personal growth material, they’ve just changed their preference for how they receive it.

The fantastic thing is, you don’t have to start from scratch. All those amazing interviews, videos and even blog posts that you already have can be re-purposed to get your first 3-4 months worth of content up and getting crawled by Google.  Yes the SEO juice for podcasts is through the roof. 

So if you want to grab a slice of the billion downloads and  over half a million credit card one click buyers currently grabbing information from itunes podcasts, then I would check out the free podcasting tutorials.

I already have this training and I am in the process of setting up my podcast product funnel as we speak.  Oh I forgot to mention, it’s a great lead generator for your product funnels too, not to mention selling your books and positioning your expertise to a global market all at the same time!

Podcasting is the new ‘YouTube’ hands down.

Those smart enough to be  early adapters will definitely win the game just like they did with books on Amazon and videos on YouTube. It’s easy and once it’s set-up [which your VA or PA can do for you] the rest is too simple.

Check out the free Podcast training and see what you think.

Podcast School Free Video Series


Have A Happy Day….see you next week :)

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