Online Video Marketing Reveal Strategy

Online Video Marketing Reveal Strategy


The Reveal strategy has been around for years with teachers on shows like Play School using it to create
anticipation with children by keeping them engaged in learning for longer periods of time.
It has also been very popular at live training sessions , workshops and has most recently been made very popular
online with Brendon Burchard’s brilliant flip chart videos. So what makes this strategy so effective as an
online marketing tool or teaching aid for video products and training material?

It is the curiosity factor

We are programmed with that uncontrollable need and desire to want to know the unknown. [I call it the ‘It’s a Secret Syndrome]

We hate missing out

People also have an inate desire not to miss out on anything and by not knowing what is under each of the unrevealed content – it
will always bug them to wonder whether they missed out on something by not staying to see it all [eg People start
to wonder…what if it was the missing link I need right now in my business, or now other people may know something
I don’t because I did not wait till the end]. 9 times out of 10 if it is a video they will go back and watch it because they cannot bare to miss out.

Sequenced learning – it allows people

To follow a sequence or a step by step methodology that helps them follow your learnings and teachings making
it easier for those watching to understand, absorb and implement

Becomes your script or jogger

Notes – It allows the teacher, trainer, presenter to keep track of their thought process as they go through their
training. Fantastic way to not have to use scripting or notes to stay ontrack [especially on video]

It holds people’s attention and gives

You a much higher chance of your target market staying right to the end of your content . It keeps people better
engaged and curious as to what is coming next.

It is a fun way to present content

By using different and innovative reveal strategies. You can reveal in so many different ways eg stickies, different
flip charts, magnets, paper – you are only limited by your imagination.

It allows you to take your target

Market on a journey that will inevitably lead them to a course of action that you want them to take eg opt-in for more information

    or the opportunity
    to purchase the complete training material [sales button]. By using this strategy to teach and provide value first, in an interesting and engaging format, your community will enjoy learning with you and inevitably share their positive experience with others. By continuing to service
    your customer’s needs, wants, pains and desires using this strategy, you may find that they stay with you to learn
    more, become a raving fan and ultimately a longterm valued customer.

    I look forward to seeing how you innovatively use the reveal strategy in your own business.
    Pam Brossman
    CEO, Social Media Woman & SheExperts
    International Digital Marketing Speaker, Author, Trainer &