New YouTube Layout



New You Tube Layout  Plus New YouTube Layout Template

In this video tutorial I will show you how to update to the New You Tube Layout template and how to upload and create a simple You Tube Cover Art for your channel.

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Click here for pixel converter

2120 = 56.09 cm

1192 = 31.54cm

Marketing Suggestions to leverage the new YouTube layout

  • Drive traffic back to your website on your cover art
  • Drive traffic into your social media funnels by sending them to the social channels that you use the most and where your target market hang out
  • Always put a call to action at the end of your video to
    • get them into your opt-in box
    • grab a copy of your book on Amazon
    • subscribe to your channel [another list for you to market to]
    • click on the link in your description box
    • share on social media
    • embed on their blogs to share with their community [no one does this]
    • leave a comment or ask a question
    • guide them to another video tutorial [YouTube loves it when people stay on your channel longer]
    • use annotations to give people instructions
    • visit Gideon Shalwick to get some intros and outros done for you [he has some free ones but I recommend using your brand they are so cheap, yet professional]
  • I recommend updating all your channels to the new look if you have more than one channel

If you have heard of any other marketing strategies people are doing with the new layout please leave them below and if you have any other helpful resources to make it easier for people to get their Cover Art done for FREE please leave details in the comments box.

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Here is the link to the video on YouTube if you would like to share it with your community or on your blogpost. All I ask is that you link back to as the creator of the tutorial.