Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mother’s Day to the Beautiful Mums around the world


I love Mothers’ Day when it comes around every year. Maybe it is because I just adore my mother and I just love being a Mum myself. But having a child is not the only way to be able to celebrate Mother’s Day, you can be a Mum to your beautiful pets, foster children and people who just love being with you because you make them smile.

Today I wanted to give you a special surprise for those of you who have always wanted to write your book. I know not everyone has a desire to  ‘become an author’  but I am finding that more and more people are realising that they do have a personal story, experience or expertise that would impact someon’s ife and are deciding that perhaps they will leave their digital footprint on the world.

I personally never thought I would write a book either. But now that I have written 5 #1 Amazon Best Sellers and contributed in another 6 books I can’t believe it took me so long to get started. [Must have been that Dragon of an English teacher who told me I was useless that made me believe I could never in my wildest dreams do something as difficult as becoming a best selling author].  Guess who had the last laugh!

So if you would like to tick becoming an Amazon Best Selling Author off of your bucket list this year [BIG WARNING - HIGHLY ADDICTIVE]

Then I would like to help make that a reality as part of my Mother’s Day Gift to you.

Note because this is part of the Digital Authors Academy Live $2,000 course I can only offer this for 48 hours. So if you are serious about really becoming an Author this year than grab this opportunity before it expires at midnight Sunday. I have also included a payment plan so it is affordable for you to get started right away.

More details on what is included in the online Digital Authors Academy Home Study Course and my very special Mother’s Day Surprise by clicking on the link below.

Digital Authors Academy Mother’s Day Special – Click image to find out more!

Perhaps hubby will grab it for you for Mother’s Day so you can share your story with the world :)





  1. Love this quick lesson in language Pam. Very insightful. Even though your market is affluent business women your tribe extends much further in so many ways. Thank you too for your comment about the many ways to mother, so true. There are so many ways to share the same qualities and experience with loved ones. Great to see you back on camera!

    1. Hey Vanessa, my target market is women who take their business seriously more so than Mums who are wanting a residual income while staying at home with their kids [which is how I started out in my business]. There is some cross over in these two markets but they are two very different mindsets for success. The affluent career women are more driven to success and more laser focused on investing in their education. The residual income are more focused on being a Mum and keeping themselves busy during that time with their family that is so special. SheExperts is helping women who are passed the residual income stage of their business and driven to taking their business to a 6-7 figure income stream. They are their own boss, have control of their own income and who are prepared to invest in themselves significantly to get to the top. Which is why the language is completely different to that of the Mummy residual income market.

  2. Great video Pam – it seems so obvious now, once you point it out. I will certainly be conscious of how I am communicating and my choice of words and phrases from now on. Thanks.

    1. Thanks Lindsay the good thing is now that you are conscious of it really great words start to jump out at you that you can use in your business communications and marketing. I always keep a pad in my bag now so I can write them down especially when I am browsing in the magazine store.