Mara Glazer New York


Q1 If you were Donald Trump what is one tip you would give to people?

  • Build your celebrity
  • Create your own online TV show
  • Create videos on a regular basis so people get to know who you are and what your expertise is
  • Always be focusing on your brand and increasing your celebrity status in your niche market

Q2 What is the best advice your Dad Bill Glazer ever gave you that you have implemented?

  • To be successful in business you need to be constantly changing and evolving
  • Reanalyzing your marketing and constantly thinking of ways to make it better for your customers
  • I use to do the renegade promotion videos at our events and I was always coming up with new ways to make them different and interesting to keep our customers engaged
  • I also would change the way I marketed the videos seeing which ones worked better and focusing on what was working and moving away from the marketing strategies that were not getting me the desired results
  • I am implemented that same strategy into my own business constantly changing, evolving and testing what is working with my clients and customers as we grow our brand
  • Always keep changing, evolving and look for ways that you can do things better, that is what my Dad Bill taught me and it has been very good advice.

Q3. Mara what is one thing you are implementing in your business right now that is getting you results?

  • Using affiliate links to track my social media marketing
  • I saw people were tracking their sales using affiliate links for their products and services and I thought why don’t I do the same thing for may social media marketing so I can see what is working and what is not working
  • So I set one up for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin and also Facebook Ads
  • I use the affiliate links for each promotion every time I promote
  • This allows me to track all of my sales, all of my ads, all of my clicks and figure out very quickly through my affiliate analytics what is working and what is not working.
  • This is the strategy I use to make sure that I am profitably marketing on social media and only focusing on strategies that are working so I am not wasting my time.


I asked Mara if my readers were interested to learn how to do this for her own business if she would do a webinar for me and she said yes. So if you would like to learn how to track your social media marketing using affiliate links and then how to analyze the results leave a comment below and if we get enough interest I will invite Mara to do a webinar for you.

We had the best time in New York and I can’t wait to catch up with Mara again.

Thanks Mara for taking the time to show me around New York we must go shopping next time!