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Top 5 Lead Magnets for 2014

Watch the video to learn the top 5 Lead Magnets for Your Business Product Funnels plus the #1 thing most people are doing wrong!

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  1. I watched your video top 5 lead magnets 2014 and the one thing missing and it could just be me I do optins capture pages promote like crazy and get zero is there a step by step in lead magnetism and lead attraction that can help me it is my inly down fall and I just wont give up I wont. I have paid thousands of dollars to the extent of re mortgaging the house and all I have a crap load of ebooks and memberships I don’t want because none of them have helped one bit. What I have noticed is that women and not being sexist seem to achieve a lot more quietly than us guys. I was a king at door to door online I excuse the French I suck. can you help the broke and busted.

    Rob Barns

    1. Robert perhaps it is just the niche you are in. With paid advertising on facebook and affiliate marketing that is where most people are converting their sales these days unless you have a huge following on a blog or social media. Highly recommend following to get some great marketing tips to help you improve your results. I get a lot of great ideas from them each week. Good luck.

  2. Dear Pam, Your Take action Tues video, expressed a fantastic Lead magnets. I liked the Audio & Video & Survey lead Magnets . I am preparing & getting some ideas from your explanation in your Video. May this Especial Birthday year bring you success in all your lead magnets .Cheers Anna