Happy Boost Cover


I would love some help please

Could you please help me choose a cover for my new book. Sometimes when you are too close to it you don’t know what is going to be attractive to the reader and you are exactly my target audience.

Who is this book for?

This books is for emotionally fatigued career women and entrepreneurs who are building their business and sometimes burning the candle at both ends and not necessarily looking after their health as much as they should.  They have also lost their spark in the day to day running of their business from overwhelm, information overload, loss of vision and direction.  Working too much in your business instead of on your business.

It is all about getting that ‘Happy Boost’ back in your day and ‘Smiling Your Way to Success’.

Below are samples of the 4 covers. Can you please tell me which one resonates with you and makes you feel happy  the most please?

  • 1, 2, 3 or 4
  • Which happy font 1,2 or 4
  • Yellow and Orange, Yellow and Blue or Aqua & White font colour?
cover update Slide1 Slide2 happy boost 5
1 No background 2 Orange & Yellow No Background 3 Blue & Yellow with background 4 Ocean background Aqua font

Please leave your feedback below

Thank you so much in advance.  Book launching very soon.

The winning cover:

Final Cover

The book is launching shortly make sure you are on my opt-in above to get the special launch price and free gifts inside :)

Thanks for all your support.





  1. I like number four best because it looks professional. It needs a picture of you … reflecting the ‘happy boost’!

    1. Thanks Jen looks like 4 is the winner but I think I am going to split test both covers. Launch with cover number 4 and then a month later change to cover number 2 which came in second and see which converts more.

  2. Just to put a spanner in the works, number 3 appealed to me most – the colours, font style and size and the photo all seem to work. While I love the fonts and colours on Number 4, it is actually my least favourite because for the life of me I couldn’t work out any kind of connection between the ocean and the topic (smiling, success or business). That kind of disconnect would be enough for me to question the quality of the content. But maybe I’m overthinking it …

    I would like to add that the cover of 21 Ways to Boost Your Business With a Book actually looks better than all four options for Happy Boost.

    Good luck with making the decision. You can never please everyone so go with what your instincts tell you.

    Best wishes, Robbie

    1. Robbie thank you for the detailed reply and I am glad you like my 21 Ways to Boost Your Business with a book. But that market is very different to the market for this book. Book covers are very strategic and a lot of market research goes into what is selling on Amazon. Having said that the covers that are selling under the motivational ‘happiness’ topic have a lot to answer for….they are really awful. I totally agree with what you are saying, but this is an experiment into a genre not tested before using an emotive human picture cover vs a purely visual and text only cover. The beauty of Kindle is you can test both covers to see which one sells more. It is all part of my split testing so I can teach my students and clients how to do the same with their books as no two categories are the same on Amazon when it comes to book covers that convert. I will let you know how I go.

      If you have a HUGE list and following you can create any cover you want, but if you want to get ongoing sales from Amazon you really need to be very strategic about the font, the colours, the imagery and the keywords to sell well.
      Cheers Pam

  3. Hi Pam
    Wow – fascinating reading everyone’s comments as there doesn’t seem to be a clear favorite – the reasons for likes and dislikes are so diverse so this makes it harder for you. I’m going to say none of them – I know you can do better. Number 4 conveys no emotion – it’s a nice beach scene. I think you need to ‘show’ happiness – that means a face. But the others are very cliched poses. Why not show a closeup of a striking face – not necessarily beautiful – but captivating or intriguing – one that you just have to look at because it draws you in and it’s a delight to look at because it’s beaming with happiness. And then choose the colours that really make the image shine! :)

    1. That is a very good idea Lorna, what sort of face are you thinking. Because it is for career woman it must relate to them. I had a few other images but they are all stock photos outside of ones of me smiling. I was not going to have me on the front of the cover but it is about my story of emotional burn out and how I got my ‘happy boost’ so not sure whether to go on the cover or not. Thoughts?

      1. I think it needs to be your face Pam. What about a before and after face – morphed in a tasteful way.

  4. The white background will blend into Amazon’s white page. I suggest a darker background. This will make your book stand out. You only have a brief moment to catch the reader’s eye. A deeper color will make your book stand out more.


    Ian Stables

    1. Thanks Ian, that is a very good point but from my market research books with a lot more white space are selling well at the moment. You see trends appear from time to time and one word or two word book titles with minimalistic imagery and lots of white are popular in some business genres at the moment. So I am testing this as well.

  5. I associate no 4 with you Pam given the colours and layout. The jumping women reminds me of a car ad – is it Toyota? and the other woman looks too coy. What about a picture of you smiling?

    1. Sharron you are right on the money the ocean is very much me and my personality. But you made me laugh because the jumping Toyota woman is me :)

  6. Hi Pam,

    I like number 4 as it’s clean and safe. But I also like the girl in number 2 her smile while on the computer matches your tag line and could represent many of the busenss owners/individuals working at home on their laptops looking to build their venture. I think blue should feature as it’s prominent to your brand and I don’t mind the orange – it made me feel happy especially if it’s a warm/vibrant orange.

    OK that’s my 2 cents worth. Just sent the copy to you too :-)

    Talk soon

  7. I like # 1 – I think the picture needs to be changed, you have shared a couple of other fantastic pictures of yourself including one where you are sitting on a Wharf. All the other colours and fonts on this one area great.

    1. Thanks Tracey. I did try the one on the wharf but it is so small that you cannot see me smiling. I also have to change the colours too. But I may give it another try.

  8. Makes me feel the happiest………2. And 2nd happiest is ……….. 4

    Font colour nd size ……. Number 2, then number 1.

    Hope this helps. Let me know when you are ready to launch so I can help you in some way.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the structure you use in your kindle training programme..it works so well and I am close to getting my 1st kindle book together for some feedback from you. I have wanted to write abook for close on 24 years and now have the structure and system to not only write it but market it as well. Thanks so much and I look forward to connectingwithyou soon on the Forum.

    1. Thanks Barbara and I am so glad you enjoyed the course. I have a new one launching for people wanting to write motivational and inspirational books which is part of this new book launch as well. Have a great day.

  9. I prefer 1 on all counts of Colour , font etc
    But i feel the lady is a bit ‘too happy’ for me

    1. Thanks Celine, I am not a big fan of orange either but apparently it is suppose to represent happiness along with the colour yellow.