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That One Thing

As part of my own ‘Take Action’ and move forward strategies for my own business I have decided to read one new book every Sunday that will get some sort of positive shift in all areas of my life.

Steve came home on Sunday, after 2 days speaking, and purchased this book to read on the plane.  He was so impressed by the 3rd chapter that over breakfast he could not help but tell me what he had learned and how he was going to implement it immediately into his day to day running of his business.

Well of course that peaked my curiosity so while he was hanging with Hunter I decided to grab a cup of tea and read a few chapters myself.  Well unfortunately for Steve, by the fourth chapter I was well and truly hooked.

Woke up and finished it completely this morning and I wanted to share with you a couple of key takeaways before highly recommending  that you grab a copy to read yourself.

  • The thing I loved the most was how the author ended the book.   Like most ‘self help’ or ‘how to’ books the author Peter Bregman gave numerous ways to become more productive in all areas of your life.  And like most people, when you get lots of choices, you tend not to implement any.I finished the book on Monday morning, and of course excitedly I had several great ideas swimming in my head that I wanted to implement into my business.  But where do I begin and  which one do I start with I was asking myself.Peter was fully aware of how many people read books and don’t take any form of action, so knowing this would be the case, he added a very clever last chapter. Something that  completely took away my overwhelm and allowed me to just sit back and implement just one thing and slowly add a few more along the way. Brilliant idea!
  • Here are a few more takeaways I got from this brilliant book
    1. In any highly competitive field – and these days every field is highly competitive – being different is the only way to win.
    2. If you look like other people, and if your business looks like other businesses, then all you’ve done is increase your pool of competition.
    3. Focus your year on the five things that will make the most difference in your life.
    4. People with a growth mindset feel smart when they are learning, not when they are flawless [ I love this quote].
    5. To get the right things done, choosing what to ignore is just as important as choosing what to focus on.

This book has lots of practical ways for you to implement these strategies and productive behaviours into your life and your business.  I highly recommend grabbing a copy of his book and implementing some of them into your life starting today. that is what I am doing.

See you next week.

Take Action Task

  1. If you have a productive strategy that works really well in your business please share in the comments box below as it might be perfect for someone else reading this blog to implement into their daily routine.
  2. If you are not as productive as you think you should be , grab a copy of the book on Amazon  18 Minutes – Author Peter Bregman


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  1. Great tips Pam. I’ve ordered the book. For me tip #5 is crucial. It’s very easy to get distracted online and to pop in to check the latest news sites or respond to emails but to get the right things done you need to choose to ignore things. Easier said than done some days!