1. Hi Pam

    I was extremely interested in the video regarding the Facebook ads. Thankyou for sharing it.

    As I am just starting out with a basic Blog for now have not commenced advertising. I am very ‘green’ when it comes to Blogging and social media and have only just really got into Facebook this week! Yes, a slow starter.

    Are these ads to sell a product/service of your own or for others?

    Thankyou for taking the time to respond.


    1. Judy, I am by no means a Facebook Advertising expert which is why I personally bought the upsell which was the FB course. I am working my way through it but using this tool makes it really easy for me to target a specific group or event list that is perfect for my products or affiliate products I want to introduce them too. I have been playing with my ads for too days but I have to admit getting the images and copy right for open and clicks is my next learning curve. But very, very, very happy with the app. You can use it to sell anything products, services, events, books anything.