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How to Write a Book

Kindle Book Strategy Ideas

Many people get analysis paralysis when deciding what book to write to leverage Amazon for their business. Eventually they put it in the too hard basket and don’t end up writing their book which is such a shame. That is why I put together the challenge to make it easy for you to figure out the best way to leverage your knowledge and expertise putting your book on Amazon.

Things you need to think about

  • What do you want the book to do for you?
    • Drive traffic into your business and build a highly targeted following?
    • Position your knoweledge and expertise as a leader in your industry?
    • Create a residual income while you are at home with the kids?
    • Leave a digital footprint while making an impact in other people’s lives [Legacy book].?
  • What is the best type of book to write based on my chosen purpose above?
    • Step-by-step instruction book [Getting people from A-B sequentially]?
    • Your personal story of  how you got from where you were to where you are now?
    • Self contained chapters with multiple tips, tools, case studies and strategies [non sequential]?
    • Book series [most highly leveraged book strategy of them all]?
  • Who is this book going to help? Your Avatar.
    • What is your intended reader’s biggest pain, want, obsession or aspiration in their life right now?
    • What is it that you know, have experienced, are an expert in, that can impact that person’s pain, want, obsession [passion] or aspiration?
    • How does that person like to receive that information [Print on Demand or Kindle or Audio]?
    • What can I add to give my reader an amazing experience in my book and leverage Amazon’s traffic [secret sauce]?
    • What information can I provide in my book that will get this person [your reader] a desired outcome they want right now in their life?
  • Do I already have a list or access to a group of these people wanting my knowledge and expertise or do I need to use strategies to be found on Google & Amazon searches?
    • Amazon is no different to Google. People use searches to find the books they want or they go straight to the Best Seller list. If you do not have a huge following then you will need to do some keyword strategies and include this in your title and marketing.
    • There are many success clues on Amazon just like the Google Keyword Research tool [something you will learn all about in the KIndle Boost Course]. How can you leverage this information to outdo your competitors?
  • Who is already selling books on Amazon in the same niche topic?
    • What is selling already in your area of expertise or topic?
    • Is there something selling better than something else that I may be able to cover myself?
    • What are people saying that they love about that  book that is selling really well  that you could include in your book?
    • Is there any keywords that jump out at you that make it obvious what topic your book should be about?

Once you know this information…

Which is what you will learn in the Fast Book Writing Challenge $97 training program. Putting your framework together and writing your book is really, really simple.

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Each one of you WILL eventually write a book. It is one of the most highly leveraged marketing tools for business leaders being used online at the moment outside of YouTube marketing and Facebook marketing.

The question you have to ask yourself is…. are you going to be first to market in your industry or last?

Good Luck :)

I can’t wait to see your entry. I am also going to give every person who enters some free book writing feedback with a personal email to help them create a success with their very first Kindle Book.

My personal goal is to create as many Amazon Best Selling Authors as I can by 31 Dec 2013.  Why not let me help you become a Best Seller too!

To Your Success

Pam Brossman