Facebook Hashtags

Facebook Hashtags

Facebook Hashtags and Tagging Interview

Zoe Wyatt Social Media Shortcut


I had the pleasure of interviewing Zoe Wyatt recently on all the changes happening on Facebook and how to leverage them for your business. In this 3 part interview series you will learn about

  • Facebook’s new Hashtags and how to use them in your facebook marketing.
  • Tagging and the changes around tagging images and how to use this feature strategically
  • Sponsored posts and how to make sure your images don’t get banned because of the 20% ruling
  • Plus a few more questions I threw in for my own Facebook Marketing.

If you have any questions leave them below as Zoe will be happy to answer them for you or you can connect with Zoe on Facebook at:


Keep your eye out for the next video coming out next week where I ask Zoe some more Facebook Marketing strategies.




  1. Pam & Zoe thank you so much for this video. I felt left behind on the hashtagging as I had no idea why or what it served (do I hashtag that like this #leftbehindonhashtagging ?? ;-) ). I’ve watched this three times before I got the whole message, and I like to think I keep up fairly well on most online stuff. I really am so grateful to you both, muchas gracias! P.S. Love the wine in hand, I think on the odd occasion it does help lubricate brilliance, it certainly helped my confidence with spanish i the early days! ‘In vino vertias’ :-)

  2. I usually have a no alcohol and facebook policy – but this opportunity was too good to pass up. Great sharing your Amazon book marketing secrets too.

    1. Yes Zoe, but you were visting as a friend before I snagged you for an interview so a couple of wines is all above board :)