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Video Emails Using Eyejot Guest Steve Brossman


Some of you may have seen this tutorial before but some of you asked if I could share it again because you are now ready to start using video in your business this year. Fantastic!

The latest stats show that 95% of searches online by the end of 2013 is going to be video searches. So if you are not using video in your business, seriously, you may as well sit and watch your marketing success rate go down the toilet. Most people thought it was going to be a fad and have been holding off for fear of getting in front of the camera.

In this video Steve is in front of  his webcam and yes face to camera does convert better using this relationship marketing strategy. But as you will learn next week you do not have to always be in front of the camera to leverage video in your business. So get over that camera phobia and start using video, trust me it will be the best thing you do this year.

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This tool would have to be one of our highest converting marketing strategies in our business. Steve uses it more than I do as he does more consulting and coaching in our business which is a perfect way to use it as a relationship, follow-up and conversion sales tool in your online and offline business.

This video strategy is a two part series where Steve will walk you through the marketing strategy and then next week I will walk you through step by step how easy it is to start using eyejot in your business marketing.

If you want to go and have a play with it for FREE before next week’s SheBlog  tutorial you can check it out here. We actually have the paid version because it allows you to have branding etc and has a few more features but it is so inexpensive that it was a no brainer.  Most of our clients, immediately after receiving an eyejot from us, go and sign up straight away because they love it so much and want to use it with their own clients as well.

Here are just some of the ways we use eyejot in our relationship marketing and closing a sale:

  • thank you  personal email after visiting a client
  • follow up after putting forward a proposal for a client [wow factor above your competitors]
  • coaching client personal message [they really love the personal touch - it is the closest thing to face to face you can get]
  • strategy demonstration [we teach people how to use the strategy and then use it to demonstrate to them how it works]
  • reconnect with clients you have lost touch with to see how they are tracking and open the doors to new communication with your business

You really are only limited by your imagination on how you can use video email marketing in your business. If you have any other ideas please leave them below. If you are already using video emails in your business please share some of your success stories using this marketing medium as everyone loves to hear what is working in other people’s businesses including me.

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Happy Valentines Day for Tomorrow Everyone!


Pam Brossman