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A message from Brendon Burchard – as he says ‘It’s Your Time’

Don’t miss out he only opens Experts Academy once per year!

Would you agree with this…

In our new economy — where ideas rule and so many people are looking for new strategies to get ahead — the most successful entrepreneurs will be content creators, trainers, coaches, and online information marketers who help others survive and thrive.

People who use their life’s story and strategies for success to help other people improve their lives or businesses will have more income, influence and impact. Agreed?

I believe experts now OWN the economy.

Experts write their own ticket through offering their advice through websites, books, speeches, seminars, coaching, and online training and marketing.

If you want to join the ranks of the new rich, then you have to position, promote and get paid as an expert.

Here’s HOW:


I opened registration going into this weekend thinking we’d have a lot of interest.

I had NO idea we’d be crushed with so many signups so fast.

(I’m sure you saw yesterday all the excitement for this blew my server. Sorry about that! I never believed people when they say they had so much demand that it shut down their site. Lesson learned! If you have problems, let me know!)

SO many people signed up yesterday that I’ll have to CLOSE this program early this week.

Click the link above to see what all the excitement is about, and to get in before we close.


This can be part of YOUR STORY:

  • Millions of people inspired by your story, advice, and training materials
  • Best-selling books and information products
  • High-paying speaking gigs and super lucrative seminars
  • Big-time coaching clients who love your work
  • Recurring online revenue from your advice and content

You can HELP other people with your advice and how-to information. And you can get PAID for it.

I’d like to help you begin and succeed with my new program.

My program helps you start, now matter your experience.

And I’ll help you for the rest of 2012 – taking ANY questions you have for an entire YEAR.

Who else is helping you like that?

Especially someone who has been there, done that, and earns millions of dollars still doing it?

I can help you. Let’s begin today. Go signup before I close it for another year!

– Brendon


P.S. I’m also giving away:

  •  5-week “Marketing Mastery” training for authors, speakers, coaches, seminar leaders, and online trainers and marketers
  •  $10,000 Marketing Planning Session
  •  Two other HUGE bonuses

Just a heads up that I’ll probably close this early in the week at this point.

The demand is through the roof. Get in now while you can:


Brendon Burchard

Founder, Experts Academy

Author, Life’s Golden Ticket



  • Video Product Formula [step by step how to create your own video products to sell online and offline]
  • Video Marketing Mastery [how to use video to master your marketing using the campaigns you will learn with Brendon]
  • Video List Building [how to build a highly targeted list using video easily]
  • Page Flip Marketing [this one strategy gave me a global brand and positioning in less than 12 months]
  • Plus 1 hour one on one with me valued at $500 to help you with your ascension model strategy using video products

So many people have already bought with my link because they know I am the real deal.

I hope you get in. Trust me it will be the best decision you make this year. I am excited for you.

It’s Your Time!