Experts Academy Brendon Burchard 2012


12 hour warning – closing tomorrow

Today is your LAST CHANCE to enroll in Brendon Burchard’s Experts Academy Elite program.

It closes at midnight tonight, January 24th, [25th Sydney]and it won’t be back for another YEAR:

If you’ve ever even thought of monetizing your advice and how-to content online, or if you’ve ever wanted to write a book, speak on stages, hold workshops, coach others to improve their lives, or become a highly paid advice expert of any kind, then you should enroll today. Please don’t miss it.

Also, Brendon is hosting a LIVE global webcast Tuesday at Noon Pacific Time [7am Sydney Time 25th Jan], called:

 “The Mindset & Methodologies of Millionaire Experts and Marketers.”

The live webcast will run from Noon Pacific until 4pm Pacific (that’s 3pm-7pm Eastern). You can access it at no cost starting at Noon Pacific via this link:

Remember to signup for Brendon’s course by midnight TONIGHT!




  • Video Product Formula [step by step how to create your own video products to sell online and offline]
  • Video Marketing Mastery [how to use video to master your marketing using the campaigns you will learn with Brendon]
  • Video List Building [how to build a highly targeted list using video easily]
  • Page Flip Marketing [this one strategy gave me a global brand and positioning in less than 12 months]
  • Plus 1 hour one on one with me valued at $500 to help you with your ascension model strategy using video products

So many people have already bought with my link because they know I am the real deal.

I hope you get in. Trust me it will be the best decision you make this year. I am excited for you.

It’s Your Time!