Take Action Tuesday – Email Headline Tips

Take Action Tuesday – Headlines That Will Increase Your Email Open Rate!

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Email is still King if you can get your emails opened

The number one problem facing online business owners at the moment is email open rates. At the end of the day, if no one is opening your emails, then you are just wasting time with your communications. There are 3 main reasons that people stop opening your emails:

  1. They no longer have any interest in your expertise or subject matter;
  2. You are hammering them with sales offers and they feel unloved;
  3. You have lost touch with their needs, wants, pains and desires going on in their life right now.

First steps to getting them back on side…

  • Reconnect with them and ask them what they need from you via a survey and a free gift [let them know you still love them] http://www.surveymonkey.com is the easiest to use.
  • Start providing weekly content that actually gets them some sort of result in their lives [motivation and results focused emails RULE!]
  • Ask them for input on each mail out , newsletter or blog post so they know that you care about their opinion. [Call to action]
  • Most importantly, get them to open your email in the first place so that you can add value to their lives.

 6 tips for getting higher email open rates…

  1. Include Numbers eg Top 10 headlines that improve your email open rate;
  2. Ask a question!
  3. Percentages are known to work well eg  The #1 thing that  gets 95% of your emails deleted;
  4. Brackets are popular  eg Add this 1 thing  to your videos to get more views ;
  5. Using Personal Pronouns eg {you and your];
  6. Scarcity eg[Final Notice, Only 1 spot left etc

Some headline examples for  you to try….

Negative  to Positive headlines:

  • Things are bad…[maybe]
  • Don’t take it personally but…
  • Bad news…
  • I hate technology…
  • Crazy!

Borrowed Credibility headlines:

  • Steve Brossman’s 3 big video secrets
  • Why Amazon wants you as a partner…
  • Mary Poppins was wrong….

Peaking Curiosity or Confusion and Shock

  • Photo’s enclosed please don’t bend –  [I know it is an email but I heard that  this headline works]
  • Really…Really!!
  • Kinda weird but really profitable…
  • Chuckle head-does [insert your topic]     – Chuckle-head supposedly gets good open rates I have not personally tried this one yet.

Social Proof Headlines:

  • How to [insert desired outcome] like [insert world class example] eg How to Become A Best Selling Author like  Brian Tracey
  • A Simple Way To [desired result] that works for [desired group] eg A Simple Way to Become A Best Selling Author that works for Speakers.
  • Join [impressive  number] of your peers that [desired action] eg Join 100 of your peers who’ve already written a #1 Best Seller
  • Here is a method that is helping [world class example] to [insert result] eg Here is a method that is helping Pam Brossman to write a book in 48 hours or less.

Gain Headlines

  • Discover the [desired result] secret eg Discover the #1 Email Open Rate Secret
  • How to become [desired result] when you [something challenging] eg How to become A Best Selling Author in 8 weeks when you hate writing.
  • Stop [undesired result] eg Stop Pigging Out & Putting On Weight
  • You don’t have to be [something challenging] to be [desired result] eg You don’t have to be in front of the camera to do video marketing.
  • How to turn [blank] into [desired result] eg How to turn an ebook into a Best Seller on Amazon
  • Get rid of [problem] Once and for All. eg Get rid of stretch marks once and for all
  • To people that want to [desired result] but can’t get started. eg For people who want to become a speaker but can’t get started.

Great places to get trending topics:

  • http://www.reddit.com
  • Google Suggest Tool
  • Http://www.popurls.com

Symbols in email headlines are becoming really popular

You can get symbols here but don’t over do it. Eg every 3-4 email only.


Make sure to test them in your own email to make sure they work before sending out to your list.  Also check to see what they look like on a mobile phone you can do that with this tool http://www.emailreach.com

A few more tips I learned at Traffic Conversion Summit

  1. Shorter emails get more clicks
  2. Link placement in your email is important [we will cover copy tips in next weeks Take Action Tuesday]
  3. Image placement is important
  4. If you are using video then you must use the play button on your images to get more clicks to your blog videos.

Take Action Task:

Try out one of the email subject headings or tips above and see if it impacts on your open rate. If you have any subject lines that have worked really well for you in the past please feel free to share them below.

Call to Action:

Leave a comment below if you have tried one of these and your result or even better one that has worked really well for you in the past.  Frank Kern like’s to use the headline ‘Dude’.  Give it a whirl it just may work!

Next week we are going to focus on body copy email tips to increase your click through rate.



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