Easy Video Suite Tutorial

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Easy Video Suite

Easy Video Suite

Click here to grab your copy 

Easy Video Suite can be used a multitude of ways in your business but the main reason you want to buy it for yourself or for your support staff is that it makes your video marketing simple because it has everything in the one place including:

  • screen capture
  • whiteboard
  • sales pages
  • drag and drop
  • compression of video files to work for all modalities including mobile friendly
  • social share buttons and facebook comment boxes
  • upload directly to YouTube
  • formatting to make your video professional
  • video editing
  • video hosting

If you are not using video in your business by now then you may as well go back to using the Yellow Pages for the amount of businesses that are going to be able to find you online.

95% of searches online in 2013 is going to be video and the main reason people do not do video marketing or video blogging is for technical difficulty. That is why Josh Bartlett spent 2 years finding out what all the pains were for small businesses trying to implement video into their marketing and took all those pains away with Easy Video Suite.

Now I am teaching our VA to use it so that she can now do all my video blogging and video formatting for me. It’s easy, it’s simple and a must have resource for your business.

Click here to grab your copy 

Just give it a try – it has a 60 day money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose.

If you are a solopreneur and will not be doing video sharing for other businesses then just get the single license.

If you are a outsourcing business that does work for other clients you may wish to do what we did and get the commercial version so that you can put whatever logo you want on the videos for branding instead of EVS.

If you have any questions about using it for your business leave them below.

There will be more tutorials over the coming weeks as I show you how else you can use this product in your business.