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Frank Kern and Brendon Burchard

***** UPDATE****

I have just been informed that unfortunately due to personal reasons that Frank Kern may not be able to attend this event in Australia. I know, I am disappointed too, but hopefully he will try and make it to Australia at another time in the future.

Tickets selling fast!

Melbourne – 9-10

Sydney 12-13

More details and to book your seat click the link below”

How to Create A YouTube Trailer Video

How to Create A YouTube Trailer Video

Key things to remember:

  • Introduce who you are
  • Give some form of credibility in your introduction eg Pam Brossman Amazon #1 Best Selling Author or CEO of
  • Tell them how they can benefit or what they will hearn from hanging out with you on your YouTube Channel
  • Close with some sort of Call to Action :
    • Subscribe to my channel
    • Share on social media
    • Leave a comment
    • Come and visit me on my weekly blog
  • Provide weekly content and don’t forget to use the annotations and the new external website feature [tutorials coming soon].

If you enjoyed this video please share and if you have a question please leave it below and I will be happy to answer it for you.

Have a fantastic day.

Impact Posse

Impact Posse

Impact Posse Click image to check it out!

I met Kristen online and I really loved what she was trying to achieve

I am not gong to spoil it for you I just want you to watch the video and see what you think. Click on the image to check it out.

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mother’s Day to the Beautiful Mums around the world


I love Mothers’ Day when it comes around every year. Maybe it is because I just adore my mother and I just love being a Mum myself. But having a child is not the only way to be able to celebrate Mother’s Day, you can be a Mum to your beautiful pets, foster children and people who just love being with you because you make them smile.

Today I wanted to give you a special surprise for those of you who have always wanted to write your book. I know not everyone has a desire to  ‘become an author’  but I am finding that more and more people are realising that they do have a personal story, experience or expertise that would impact someon’s ife and are deciding that perhaps they will leave their digital footprint on the world.

I personally never thought I would write a book either. But now that I have written 5 #1 Amazon Best Sellers and contributed in another 6 books I can’t believe it took me so long to get started. [Must have been that Dragon of an English teacher who told me I was useless that made me believe I could never in my wildest dreams do something as difficult as becoming a best selling author].  Guess who had the last laugh!

So if you would like to tick becoming an Amazon Best Selling Author off of your bucket list this year [BIG WARNING - HIGHLY ADDICTIVE]

Then I would like to help make that a reality as part of my Mother’s Day Gift to you.

Note because this is part of the Digital Authors Academy Live $2,000 course I can only offer this for 48 hours. So if you are serious about really becoming an Author this year than grab this opportunity before it expires at midnight Sunday. I have also included a payment plan so it is affordable for you to get started right away.

More details on what is included in the online Digital Authors Academy Home Study Course and my very special Mother’s Day Surprise by clicking on the link below.

Digital Authors Academy Mother’s Day Special – Click image to find out more!

Perhaps hubby will grab it for you for Mother’s Day so you can share your story with the world :)

Free Book Promos Feb

Grab 2 x #1 Best Sellers FREE on Kindle ends 10th Feb

You DO NOT need a Kindle to Read Kindle Books -

Free Apps for Ipad and Computers here

Marketing for She Experts

Click here to grab it FREE  Kindle copy on Amazon

Do you want to turn your knowledge into a high 6-7 figure global business? If you don’t then don’t bother reading this book.

Within the chapters of Marketing for She Experts you’ll learn 8 of the most lucrative marketing strategies, being used by highly successful 6 – 7 figure entrepreneurs globally right now to
- build their business
- create multiple income streams
- generate profitable product funnels and
- leverage digital marketing and social marketing technologies

If you are a consultant, small business owner, entrepreneur, speaker or online business owner who is…

- ready to take your business to the next level
- wanting to leverage your time and marketing spend using models that are working right now
- have an area of expertise and you want to become a leader in your industry
- want to stop exchanging time for money because you have reached a glass ceiling in your business
- are willing to get outside of your comfort zone to try new and easy to implement marketing strategies on a global scale.
- Plus, want to get to 7 figures fast…then this is definitely the book for you.

Your Millionaire Attitude [600o downloads in 2 hours already]

Click here to grab your Free Kindle Copy

Your Millionaire Attitude Is the true story of how Pam Brossman went from near bankruptcy and losing her million dollar home back to creating a global business with what she calls her Millionaire Attitude.

In this book Pam has included action steps, tips and strategies to help you re-ignite your own millionaire attitude and combat any adversity you may be facing in your own life right now..

Life and Success is an attitude! Let me help you to activate Your Millionaire Attitude by motivating you to take action and start getting results. No one is going to do it for you. You have to decide if you are a quitter or you are going to get back out there and just DO IT!

Pam shares how she just about lost everything through a simple but very costly decision. And how through pure determination, she manages to get it all back and more to live the dream life she was born to live.

Pam did what most people do when faced with severe failure. She retreated within herself and started doubting her abilities to get back out there and have another go. Instead she chose to accept the hand she had been dealt, hide away from her successful past and continue to exist day by day while going deeper and deeper into failure depression.

But it was the love of her only son Hunter, and the determination for him not to go through life believing his mother to be a quitter and a failure, that Pam finally found the strength she needed to get her millionaire attitude back.

After sudden tragedy rocked Pam’s family, she decided enough was enough and kicked herself back into gear to get back to the top where she belonged
In this book you will find tear jerk moments, motivational stories, Pam’s real life failures plus the strategies she used to combat her adversity once and for all and come out back on top. Pam did finally reignite her millionaire attitude and today lives a million dollar lifestyle with her husband Steve, son Hunter and crazy Groodle dog Duchess.

Pam truly believes that success in life is just an attitude and she wants to help other women, going through their own personal adversity, get back out there and live the dream.

So what are you waiting for….let’s get started!

Ganxy for Authors

Check out this cool marketing tool for authors

“Marketing for SheExperts” by Pam on Ganxy

Merry Christmas – See You Next Year

Wishing you and your family the most amazing Christmas and New Year. Thank you so much for being a part of my life, my dreams, my hopes and aspirations this year.  I hope you have enjoyed hanging out with me and I look forward to spending more time together in 2013.

I really want to help you grow in the coming year and to be able to do that I need to know 

  1. What your #1 goal is in 2013?
  2. Why you want to achieve it?
  3. What you need to learn to turn it into a reality?
  4. How I can help you?

 You see, if you don’t tell me then I am just guessing. I have had a phenomenal year with a lot of growth in many different areas of my life and my business.

But I also want to see the same happening in your life and your business and to do this I need to know what is:

  • Making you stuck
  • Driving your nutty
  • Holding you back
  • Or stopping you from achieving your goals.

That way I can create training material and programs that will make those ‘hiccups’ go away so that you can have your best year ever.

Have a wonderful holiday season and I will be back about the 20th December.

You will see me popping a few emails out and in and out of social media from time to time throughout my break, but that is to make sure those of you who are joining me in the Digital Authors Academy in February don’t miss your spot.

Leave a message below if you have some questions, some ideas or even some sticking points you would like some help with and I will add them to my training list for the New Year.

Merry Christmas.

PS. Don’t forget to grab Marketing for SheExperts Kindle book it is Free till 17th December that will give you some FAB ideas to start the New Year.

PPS. If you have not grabbed your copy of SheExperts Magazine click on the image below to grab it today.

Spring Cleaning

It is time to do some spring cleaning in your business?

I love December. It is the time of year where you get to reflect on your life, your friends, your achievements and your business. It is also a great time to get out there and do some spring cleaning for the year ahead. So I thought I would give you all the opportunity to sit back and think about your own spring cleaning and whether you need my help in 2013.

Changes in store…

Some of you have been with me since inception 4 years ago when I started out as Social Media Woman and launched the Social Media Woman magazine and we have made firm friendships.

Some of you I have met along my journey over the years with video marketing, page flip marketing, online courses and networking and we have also become great friends as I have helped you try and master the digital media realm of craziness and fun.

This year I ventured into a whole new digital arena that I have found to be exciting, frustrating, challenging but most importantly rewarding. That is digital publishing.

With change comes movement…

So I appreciate that some of you who have been with me for some time now, may be finding that I am not the right person to help you with what you need right now in your business and that is okay. So if that is the case, I just wanted to let you know that it is okay to unsubscribe and move onto other mentors and teachers.

I will not be offended as I am doing the same spring clean in my own business.

For those of you who want to stick around here is what is in store for 2013

  • More ways to leverage digital publishing in your business
  • More ways to use pageflip digital print media to market your business including flyers, media profiles and brochures
  • More video strategies as I find new ways to leverage video marketing in your business
  • Fun!

So if you are looking to use these modalities to market and build strong relationships with your customers and clients in 2013 then I look forward to having you with me.  I am a stickler for being abreast of the top marketing trends and strategies in our industry, so you will always be one step ahead of the rest of your niche market by hanging out and learning with me.

All I ask is 2 things

  • If I take the time to post something or send you an email that you at least open it up and read it. If it is not for you that is okay just ignore the message and carry on with your day.
  • If you would like to learn something, or you need my advice or help, that you send me an email so I have an idea of what you need me to teach you in my training and blog posts

Thank you all for your support and friendship this year. 2013 is going to be HUGE and I cannot wait to get started.

SheExperts Magazine – Free in 2013

Yes I decided that because I do not do enough blog posts that my gift to you is to make the mentoring magazine free in 2013.  So don’t forget to open your emails next Friday as I have some great content to end the year.

One Last Favour

Zasper the Magic Rainbow Dragon book is FREE for another 24 hours.  The more downloads I get the quicker I will get to #1 ranking in my category.  Even if you do not want to read the book can you do me a HUGE favour and download it to help me get my #1 status please.

You never know, you might just like Zasper, he really is kinda cute :)

Have a great day, Cheers Pam

PS.  Happy Spring Cleaning!

If you have any marketing questions you want answered before you go on holidays ask them below!

I will be taking 4 weeks off from 16th December till 20th January to hang out with family and write some more books. But I will pop in from time to time to see how you are doing over your holiday break :)

YouTube’s Video Question Editor

 Pin it and share the tips!

You Tube Video Question Editor Tutorial

Leave a comment below and tell me:

  • Do you think this is a good thing?
  • How you would use it?
  • Or why you would  not use it?

Personally I think this is a good thing once they iron out a couple of the initial glitches. These are things I would like to see changed before I would use it on a regular basis.

  • You can choose the length of time the question stays up for
  • As soon as someone responds to the poll or question it disappears
  • The ability for the right answer to pop up for quizzes
  • A very clear way for people to be able to get rid of it so there is no frustration for the viewer
  • A background colour as at the moment depending on your video the questions and choices are very hard to read [you would have to plan in advance as to where you were going to have the poll pop up in your video so that you could make a blank colour on the segment of the video.

What are your thoughts on this new You Tube feature?

If you want to be a part of the beta program click on the link below and you can test it out with your subscribers:

See you next week.

Don’t miss the fantastic special expires Friday 19th October!

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How To Use YouTube Invideo Programming

YouTube Invideo programming

How to use YouTube’s New Invideo Programming

Thanks ReelSeo for sharing this new feature in your blog post this morning. I immediately went and had a play and shot this video so other people can start implementing this amazing new YouTube Invideo Programming feature on their own channels.

Click here to go and have a play with this new feature on your own YouTube Channel accounts.

There are many strategic ways that you can use these two new features in your business. Below are just a couple.

Please comment below and leave any other ways you can think of how to use these for marketing, branding and cross promotion.

  • Rebranding of old videos
  • Redirection of old content to more up to date content
  • Cross promotion of different channels
  • Product launch promotions
  • Positioning and branding
  • List building and driving traffic back to your website
  • Clever calls to actions [get creative]

You are only limited by your imagination.

As this is so new I am sure there will be some internet marketers who will be coming up with some very highly leveraged strategies on how to maximise this new feature.  My advice is to start using it today as part of your overarching marketing plans for up and coming projects you have in the pipeline.

I will let you know how it impacts my Charity results.  If you want to learn some more great marketing strategies and donate to charity at the same time check out my new book Marketing For SheExperts with 100% of book sales going to breast cancer charity the McGrath Foundation.

Enjoy this new feature! I am off to change all my other channels.

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