10 Self Publishing Marketing Tips Excerpt Marketing For She Experts

10 Marketing tips for Self-Publishing

Excerpt from Pam Brossman’s new book Marketing for She Experts


  1. As soon as you decide you are going to write a book, tell as many people as you can to create a buzz that the book is coming.
  2. Give people the ability to purchase in advance [pre-sales] and give them a free gift for buying in advance, e.g., digital recording of a seminar, webinar or training on the topic.
  3. Join forums and social media groups on your topic and start building a relationship with people who could benefit from your book. Ask them some questions, invite some of them to read it before launches and ask them for testimonials.
  4. Find bloggers with the same target market and ask them to review it and offer to give their list two chapters for free with the option to upsell to the full book.
  5. Send it out to your list and give away a free gift for an honest review.
  6. Keep your eye out for relevant media opportunities related to your topic and reply with quotes from your book.
  7. Sell your book from the back of the room at your own events.
  8. Offer speakers who do not already have their own book the opportunity to sell your book at their events. They can either purchase at wholesale and keep the mark-up or give the books to them on consignment and split the profits.
  9. Approach corporations with the same target market and offer them special volume-based prices to use as promotional tools or giveaways to their customers or employees [very popular]. Also works well with the two free chapters – upsell to complete book strategy].
  10. Run a competition to get people to name your book, with some great prizes to create a buzz about the book, and everyone who enters the competition gets a digital copy of the book for free [great list builder].

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